Iconic Logos Or Illustrative? Which is Suitable For Your Company?

Iconic Logos – The Most Common And Effective Logo Forms

Iconic logos are the simplest form of logo design. They usually represent a unique and a simple symbol signifying a particular aspect of the company. Iconic logos are the most common form of logos so much so that most of the common logos which we see in our day to day life are iconic. Though the iconic logos are very simple in their construction and make, but they are very difficult to design despite of their simplicity. The designer has to analyze the requirements of the company and come up with a unique symbol which signifies a particular aspect of the company which the company wants to portray. Though it might look simple, designing an iconic logo requires professionally trained and experienced designers who can conceptualize symbols based on company’s input and specifications, considering all the pros and cons of a particular symbol as a logo for the company.

Though the iconic logos are simple in their construction but have huge impact on the audience. Iconic logos usually tend to become the identity of the company. Here are a few examples of iconic logos.

Pros Of Iconic/Symbolic Logos

The development process is less time consuming as compared to an illustrative logo, hence it cheaper as compared to illustrative logo. Symbolic logos can be printed in smallest of sizes without any difficulty. It is easier for the audience to visually absorb the logo and remember the logo for a longer duration of time. Iconic logo can be easily printed with spot colors. The iconic logo prints perfectly in black and white as well, without losing the identity. Creates an exclusive and unique identity for the company. Iconic logo can be easily edited and produced in a number of colors. Can be easily embroidered on company’s t-shirts.

Cons Of Iconic Logos

Not as visually effective as an illustrative logo. It is very difficult to create a unique symbol. It requires a good catch line or tag line to effectively explain the concept. It can look like clip art if it is not designed effectively.

Illustrative logos are a more complex logo forms. An Illustrative logo is a detailed and much more complex graphical depiction of one or more important aspect of a company. Completely opposite to iconic logos an Illustrative logo is very detailed and is not easily retained in audience brain. There are a particular category of business where Illustrative Logo suits the best. This actually depends upon the target audience of the company. Often Companies offering services such as Casinos, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Gaming, Travel, Recreation, Adventure Sports, etc opt for an Illustrative Logo design to connect with their customers. Illustrative Logos are highly detailed and eye catching. Because the illustrative logos are highly detailed, it becomes very easy for the customer to understand what products or services are being offered by the company, though a very professional logo designer is required to maintain a balance in an illustrative logo. There are various ways which a company can adopt in order to create an illustrative logo.

Using a Mascot

A Mascot is a unique character that is created for a Company, Event, Person, Show etc to depict a particular set of products or services offered by the company. It can be an animal, human, object etc. An illustrative logo can be created by using a custom created mascot or character, which through its actions depicts a particular aspect of a company for which the logo has been created.

Pros Of An Illustrative Logo

Since it is a detailed graphic representation various aspects of a company can easily be explained, provided the designer is experienced enough. It is visually more attractive as compared to icon/symbolic logo. Lesser chances of copycats as illustration usually depict a particular scenario. Various variations of the character can easily be created to depict another aspect of the company. Looks great when printed on company T-Shirts and other accessories More effective when animated. Cons Of An Illustrative Logo

It turns out to be expensive as it is harder to create and takes up more time. It becomes difficult to print such a logo in small sizes. It takes up time for the audience to create a permanent impression of the logo in their brains. Requires very experienced graphic designers to create this kind of a logo. Might not print effectively in Black and White. Depicts a very particular set of products offered by the company. It is expensive to animate such a logo. In most cases spot colors cannot be used to print such a logo. A 4 color printing process is required to print, and if not printed carefully minor color variations can come up.