Business Logos – Tips To Be Successful

What exactly is a business logo? It is a graphic design, symbol or representation, acting as a trade mark and personifying a concept, corporation or organization. Thereby, we can see that business logos play a very important role.

Being an important part of branding and marketing a business, your logo is designed by a graphic artist, or by yourself (if you have the knowledge and time) to fuel your advertising efforts. There are many different ways to create the design, but the best way to establish a business logo may vary from business to business. So to know what business logo works best as your trademark, consider the following key areas:


* Distinctiveness- make sure that your logo stands out. As to the way businesses are done, you should have something similar with your competitors but still have that unique touch. Like for example, having a jewelry shop, you could use gems as one of the images in your logo, which is commonly used, but you should also whip it with some creative touches just so people would easily recognize it.


* Size matters – this factor should be considered when offering business logos that should have high-resolution. A good example of this would be the marketing materials where these business logos would be printed/displayed: business cards, promotional items, posters, brochures, billboards, etc.


* Relevance – from looking at your logo alone, people should already be able to tell what business you are running.


The ideas given above may also be applicable to a business logo which will be used for website purposes. But with the constraints that the computer poses, there are also separate issues to keep in mind including:


* File Size. Limit the size of your logo file and also use less colors to help minimize its size. Remember that the larger the file, the slower the page loads. And if this is the case, you might be losing visitors instead of gaining more.


* Colors. Try not to blend colors and pick hues that are considered “web-safe”. Even if you were able to come up with the most amazing color blending, but other people might not even ‘see’ it, the effort would be useless. This is what is meant by web-safe. Elements within the design should be supported by all browsers to ensure everybody would be able to view the logo.


* If you plan on adding some animation to your logo, do not position it near other animations to avoid distractions. But generally, as the first pointer emphasizes, animations would not be a great way to present your logo.


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